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Paul Cardew Teaware

Teapots designed by famous maker Paul Cardew have been popular since 1975, and have delighted teapot collectors with many unique designs and themes such as Alice in Wonderland, Cupcakes and Cookies, and the Wizard of Oz. Browse our selection of Teapots and tea ware for your favorite theme. Planning a tea party around a Cardew theme will surely be an affair to remember.

A new collection of Paul Cardew mugs are also available.

Paul Cardew Design Mugs
Paul Cardew Butterfly Collection
Paul Cardew Design - Snow White Teaware
Alice in Wonderland Teaware
Paul Cardew Design - Wizard of Oz
Paul Cardew - Cupcakes and Cookies Teaware
Paul Cardew - Chocolates Teaware
Paul Cardew - Tea Plant and Honey Bee Teaware
Paul Cardew - Welcome Hospital-i-Tea Collection
Paul Cardew - Crosswords Collection
Paul Cardew - Novel Tea Collection
Paul Cardew - Man's Best Friend
Paul Cardew - Cat Teaware Collection
Paul Cardew - Hummingbird
Santa Claus 2 Cup Teapot by Cardew - Limited
Reg Price: $40.00
Sale Price: $20.00
Paul Cardew - Santa Claus Tea for One - Limited Supply
Reg Price: $40.00
Sale Price: $20.00
Hummingbird Teapot for One by Cardew
Reg. Price: $42.97


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