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Orchid Porcelain Teapot

Orchid Porcelain Teapot

Product #: 56633cg
Reg. Price: $37.97
On All Ground Orders Over $150.00
The ever-popular orchid is one of the most interesting and showy of nature's flowers. Commonly used for wristlet corsages and wedding table arrangements, the orchid flower has many varieties. Our orchid teapot, with it's pop of color, is the perfect way to accessorize your kitchen. The beautifully formed Orchid petals in shades of orange and red are set against a leaf green teapot that features a tiny orchid bud as a finial. Visualize a calming tea-time ritual using this unique porcelain teapot.

Size: 6 1/4"x 4 1/8"x 4 1/2"

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