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Children's Tea Sets

Making a selection from our Children's Tea Sets is the first step to planning an enchanting Child's Tea Party. A little girl's tea set is the start to your daughter, niece, or granddaughter learning how to serve tea and choose delectable recipes. Victorian Tea parties are especially popular, complete with china teapots, cups and saucers, fancy dresses, gloves and feather boas. This can be a fun time for both the children and the adults; preparing food, such as cakes and tea sandwiches, making invitations, choosing just the right attire, and planning tea party activities for the entertainment of imaginary or real friends. Not to mention, this is the perfect way to teach table manners and the art of entertaining to children. It's a great time to start a collection your child will adore, treasure for years to come, and possibly pass down to her little girl. Be sure to browse our delightful child tea sets and tea accessories created especially for small hands. There are so many unique and pretty sets; it may take you some time to choose just the perfect Tea Party Gift Set. We guarantee though it will be a very fun and rewarding adventure into the world of fairy tales, polka dots, gardens, and little animals.

Andrea By Sadek Children's Tea Sets
Boy's Tea Sets
 Children's Tea Sets with Storage
Paul Cardew Childrens Tea Sets
Reutter Porcelain - Tea Sets for Children
Teen Tea Sets
Tea Party Dolls and Chef's Sets and More
Goldfish Baby Dinner Combo Set
Reg. Price: $48.97
"We Love Teddy" Starter Tea Set for Children Set of 2
Reg. Price: $151.97
"Teddy's Tea Party" Bone China Teapot
Reg. Price: $39.97
"Teddy's Tea Party" 3 Piece Set
Reg. Price: $49.97
Eliza's English Bone China Children's Tea Set -  Service for 2
Reg. Price: $177.97
White Porcelain Children's Tea Set
Cream Ware Tea Set  - Childrens Set
Reg. Price: $40.97
Porcelain Child's Miniature Tea Set
Reg. Price: $27.97
White Children's Prussian Pedestal Tea Set - For 2
Reg. Price: $59.97
Mini Child's Tea Set - Blue Butterfly
Reg. Price: $41.97
Butterfly Porcelain Tea Set - Service for 2
Mini "Pretty in Pink" Little Girl's Tea Set
Reg. Price: $41.97
Porcelain Doll House Miniature Tea Set
Reg. Price: $23.97
Golden Floral Children's Tea Set for Two - Mini Set
Reg. Price: $41.97
Porcelain Doll House Miniature Tea Set with Storage
Reg. Price: $26.97
Red Tulip Children's Tea-For-One
Reg. Price: $18.97


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