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Bone China and Porcelain Trays

Bone China Trays are a must for tea time entertaining. Set on a table with crisp white linens or ask a friend to serve use one of our bone china trays to serve tea to guests. Bone china trays can also be used as dresser trays to hold perfumes or treasured keepsakes. Or, set them on a coffee table to add visual interest to your home decor. Whichever way you choose to use them, they add traditional elegance and style to the most elegant of homes.

Woodblock Art Tray
Reg. Price: $52.97
Berry N Vine Tray
Reg. Price: $31.97
Victorian Rose Mint Green Serving Set - 7 Piece
Reg. Price: $68.97
Victorian Rose Green - 7 Piece Dessert Set
Reg. Price: $68.97
Victorian Pink Rose - 7 Pieace Set
Reg. Price: $68.97
12" Square Embossed Tray with Handles
Reg. Price: $39.97
Rectangular Scallop Tray with Metal Handles
Reg. Price: $34.97
Embossed White Square Handled Porcelain Tray - 14"
Reg. Price: $44.97
Ornate Square Embossed White Tray - 14.25"
Reg. Price: $85.97
Fine Porcelain Tea Set Tray - 15"
Reg. Price: $38.97
White Porcelain Bread Basket - 19.25" Long
Reg. Price: $37.97
White Porcelain Scrolled Cake Plate
Reg. Price: $47.97
Bluebird Porcelain Tray
Reg. Price: $48.97
Bouquet of Pansies Porcelain Tray
Reg. Price: $48.97
Blackberry Tray
Reg. Price: $63.97
Fielder Keepsakes -"Fairy" Porcelain Tray
Reg. Price: $69.97
Fielder Keepsakes - Lily of the Valley Porcelain Tray
Reg. Price: $63.97
Fielder Keepsakes - Porcelain "Santa Tray"
Reg. Price: $69.97
Fielder Keepsakes "Rhododendron"  Porcelain Tray
Reg. Price: $63.99
Fielder Keepsake Tulip Tray  14"
Reg. Price: $63.97
Trio of Roses Square Tray
Reg. Price: $64.97
Little Green Apples Porcelain Tray
Reg. Price: $64.97
Oval Scrolled Edge Tray
Reg. Price: $56.97


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